VFR400 for starters…

I┬ádecided to call our first post ‘VFR400 for starters’ only because that’s exactly what our first project bike wouldn’t do. START!

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VFR400 for starters
VFR400 for starters


[wpcol_3fifth_end id=”” class=”” style=””]When the idea of buying a track bike sprung to mind, I was set on a pre-2003 Yamaha R6 for our first project. I’ve owned one before and they are fantastic street bikes, quick through the turns and powerful enough to leave the best of the rest at the lights.

So when my mate Al and I began trawling the web for the cheapest R6s that money could buy, we quickly realised that – ‘You get what you pay for!’ It’s no secret that R6’s are a thrashers bike. This is when it became clear to us, that we were not going to find a good deal on a R6 for the kind of budget we had in mind.

We began considering a Honda VFR400 NC30 as a track bike. Al had owned and raced the iconic bike previously so with his experience on our side, we set upon finding an honest example for our own.

And this is where our project starts….or will it?


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