Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22

I have lost count of the number of stories told about riders losing control of their RGV250’s when hitting the famously unpredictable 2-stroke powerband.
Back in the 90’s the RGV 250 road racer were known to hold their own when compared with the likes of a 4 stroke 600.

Suzuki RGV250 VJ22 1994
RGV 250 Project bike

Official test ride
Offical test ride

My friend Peter once told me that he had actually flipped his 1989 Pepsi replica RGV on its head whilst trying to do a wheelie in front of friends. That would be hard to believe if it were any other 250cc motorcycle of that era, but we are talking 2-Strokes here and we would have to bust the powerband myth ourselves. So what did we do? We went out and bought one.

RGV 250 stripped naked
RGV 250 stripped naked ready for shower

Here is a quote from an old Suzuki Sales brochure.

If you are looking from grandprix technology in a high performance sports bike, the RGV250 is the bike for you. This street machine incorporates many features taken directly from Team Suzuki’s Grand Prix-winning Gamma V4 racer. The exhilarating V-twin engine is fine tuned by Suzuki’s SAPC (Suzuki Advanced Power Control), a computerised engine management system. The front fork is inverted in racing style and the exhaust system is routed for maximum cornering clearance. You should experience the RGV250! – The closest bike to a Suzuki Grand Prix racer on the street

Oh yes, we have caught the 2-stroke bug.

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