Hello Yamamoto

After some searching on Ebay and the 400GreybBike forum, I was contacted by someone who had a full Yamamoto race exhaust to sell for $300. Given that new systems are over $1000 this represented a good deal, so we bought it.

Scrap metal - out with the old, in with the new

However, on inspection it appeared the internal baffle (the perforated tube that goes inside the muffler) was damaged and would probably impede the flow of gas, not such a good deal then.

No matter, we can rebuilt it, we have the technology (the technology in this case being an angle grinder). Our plan was to use the old exhaust as a donor, hack it open and re-use the baffle. So that’s just what we did.

Most mufflers can be taken apart so you can replace the sound-proof glass-fibre  inside them as it breaks down over the years and loses its effectiveness.

Basically, you drill out the rivets at one end (or both ends) and pull off the end caps, easy(ish).

VF400 Yamamoto baffle
VF400 Yamamoto exhaust baffle repair

We did the same with the donor can and set about fitting its baffle to the new can. Took a bit fiddling but we got it in then packed it with new glass-fibre (dont get this shit on your hands btw, it’s really itchy and a bugger to get off).

Baffle sound proofing glass fibre material
Use dishwashing gloves. This stuff is itchy!
VFR400 Yamamoto riveting
VFR400 Yamamoto exhaust repair

Fitting was quite easy, the Yamamoto exhaust is a well made system and goes together without dramas. Probably the trickiest part about fitting any exhaust system to an NC30 is getting  to the rear manifold, a socket set with a universal joint is useful.The radiator doesn’t have to be removed to get to the front manifolds but you need to loosen it and pull it forward a bit.

VFR400 Yamamoto exhaust repair
Fitting is easy with the Yamamoto exhaust system
VFR400 - Motogp style end can
Yamamoto carbon end can
Yamamoto carbon end can

It certainly looks better that the other piece of junk, and when we fired it up it sounded good.

VFR400 Back together again
VFR400 Back together again



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