Rothmans Honda bodywork arrives

We placed an order for a set of Rothmans fairings which we sourced from a Chinese seller on Ebay. The pictures posted in the auction item looked every bit the part and very close to the original race bodywork barring the molded openings for the road gear such as the headlights, brake lights and indicators.

We sent a question to the seller asking if they could supply these as race fairings. They replied explaining that they could manufacture the same kit with the holes filled in at no extra cost. Too easy!

Within about 2 weeks our fairings were shipped and delivered.

NSR Rothmans Fairings
Nicely packaged

The packaging method used to protect the fairings during transit was excellent. This packaging made use of a wooden sub frame inside the box to prevent anything caving in and destroying our shiny new plastics.

Unwrapping the goods

Rothmans Honda NSR Fairings

All fairing pieces were foam wrapped and taped up securely. The plastics themselves, are actually lighter than the original fairings.

We had heard of mixed reviews in terms of fairings from China. The biggest criticism learned from forums, was talk about the misalignment of fairing holes to the mounting points on the chassis.

Honda NSR Rothmans Fairings
Retro fitting the tail end

Our kit was pre-drilled, so fortunately everything lined up as expected when retrofitting some of the body work to the frame.

With the cosmetic retro fit out of the way, our next step was to get the barrels off and inspect their condition.

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