I set your tank on fire!

Selecting Rothman team livery for our MC21, meant that our red wheels and red/white fuel tank would need a respray. Unlike the ‘Looks good from far away’ paint work we achieved on the VFR400 using $10 Spray cans, this time around we opted to send our NSR tank away to someone who actually called themselves a spray painter. So we thought. My record for outsourcing tasks that get done right stands at nil.

Tank looks pretty spotless to me. Nothing wrong with it!

Our MC21 wheels needed to be updated in colour as well. The idea of keeping all original parts the same was not practical. That would mean sourcing another set of wheels just so that we can keep the originals untouched. Not likely, considering that we have 2 other bikes to maintain.

6 spoke NSR MC21 Wheels

We sent our red wheels off to get powder coated in white. The rear wheel, had a stuck bearing that wouldn’t come out. I was told on good word, that the guy powder coating the wheels would remove the bearing for us. So on that note, we didn’t bother much more with trying to remove the bearing. A couple of weeks later our shiny new white wheels returned. Straight away we noticed that they had powder-coated right over the bearings practically sealing them in. If they were hard to get off before, they will be impossible to get off now! But shit they looked good!

White powder coated MC21 wheels

It took us no more than two Saturdays to prep and spray our VFR tank with spray cans. But some how it took the spray painter almost 6 months to get our NSR tank painted in the Rothmans colours. It started off with “Tank will be ready by next weekend” to “Sorry man, your tank is so shit that the paint keeps peeling – going to have to start again”.

Our frustration grew further with our buddy spray painter, because he kept saying that the tank would be completed by the weekend, only to apologize and say, that something else had gone wrong.

“I painted your tank 4 times, it pissed me off so much that I went and bought a new one and had no problems.” Seriously…really?!?!

Finding spares for the MC21 are hard to come by these days, so it was difficult to believe whether or not he actually managed to find a replacement. So when I asked him about our old tank, he replied “I set your old tank on fire it pissed me off so bad…it’s all good”

After 6 months, he finally delivered the tank to the workshop. I was just happy to see it again to be honest. I really didn’t give a shit if it came back green with red and yellow stripes. Fortunately the tank was the right fit for our bike, so whether he really managed to find a replacement or not, we will never really know. This one fits and it will do.

And the end result?

Very ordinary!

As you can see, definitely not worth the $300 we paid for his labour costs. Well there you go, even after paying someone else to do it we are still left with a tank that – Looks good from far away.

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